Production (Off Grid Box)

The Off Grid Box Revolution

In addition to installing equipment, we produce Exergy Ltd.’s Off Grid Box™ and prepare the units for shipment in Italy and around the world.

The Off Grid Box (abbreviated OGB) is a small, easily transportable container that renders a building completely autonomous. For a description, visit

The OGB takes advantage of a photovoltaic roof to produce electricity and a gutter to collect rainwater which is sterilized by a UV filter and stored in a tank for use in a home or business, all without any connection to the electrical grid or a water supply. Above the rainwater tank is our patented thermal energy system. Using extreme amounts of heat, it can convert sea water, sewage, or water polluted with heavy metals into pasteurized, partially distilled water.

This clean water can be used to easily irrigate gardens, orchards, and crops thanks to the included automatic timer and drip system. There are many other options available such as additional photovoltaic modules, a hydrogen production system and our patented hydrogen cooker, a small turbine to harness wind, biomass boilers, increased rainwater storage, etc.