We Install the Systems of the Future

LaFds srl is the operational arm of the FDS group

LaFdS was founded in 2008 and now boasts hundreds of installations to date in Italy and abroad.
Our warehouse has considerable storage capacity in order to ensure ease of installation and speed of response for maintenance.
Our vehicle fleet and highly specialized technicians enable us to respond efficiently and at low cost.

We have a technical department for engineering projects, products, and construction sites, and an administrative office for purchasing and financial management.

Today, we are one of the most complete partners and suppliers of self-sufficientenergy saving technologies: the paradigm of Totally Off Grid for buildings and communities.

N° of installed OGB
kWp of installed Photovoltaics
Mq of installed Solar Thermal
N° of Sold Off Grid Product


Sustainable Plants
We produce specialized equipment in predetermined kits and perform residential and commercial “turnkey” installations, to lower costs and aid self-sufficiency, as well as EPC (Engineer Procurement and Construction) in large plants.
Off Grid Box
In addition to installing equipment, we produce Exergy Ltd.’s Off Grid Box™ and prepare the units for shipment in Italy and around the world. The Off Grid Box (abbreviated OGB) is a small, easily transportable container that renders a building completely autonomous. For a description, visit www.offgridbox.com
Check and Maintenance of Installations
We maintain our thermal and photovoltaic systems with continuous remote monitoring and perform accessory services such as washing, periodic inspections and performance testing, and routine work.
Our service is available 24/7 year-round, with dedicated operators. If you have a system in operation and require maintenance, click the button below and contact us!

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Address: Via del Tramarino, 13 – 52100 Arezzo (IT)

Phone: (+39) 0575 333085

Fax:(+39) 0575.406752

Email: commerciale@lafds.it

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