We make and build systems

We produce specialized equipment in predetermined kits and perform residential and commercial “turnkey” installations, to lower costs and aid self-sufficiency, as well as EPC (Engineer Procurement and Construction) in large plants.

If the kits are non-standard, we utilize the La Fabbrica del Sole cooperative for the ad hoc design and Exergy srl. for the marketing.


Solar thermal

Solar thermal systems produce hot water for sanitary use (e.g. showers, the kitchen, washing machines, etc.) or for heating (space heaters, swimming pools, etc.), and are especially effective in combination with boilers that utilize biomass such as pellets or wood, or ordinary fuel. We have made large and small installations for industrial, commercial, small business, agricultural, and domestic users. Our strengths are the medium and large systems for which careful planning and experience are crucial during installation.


Photovoltaic systems utilize panels to convert solar radiation into a continuous electric current which can be stored in batteries (protected by a charge controller) and/or converted into current to be used directly or to enter an electric grid. We have constructed systems from less than 1 kW to over 1000 kW. We are unbeatable at sizes between 5kW and 200kW.


A thermofireplace makes better use of the calories in woodthan an ordinary fireplace, and can heat large rooms. Stoves, fireplaces, and boilers are all variants which convert biomass into heat. We are convinced that a good boiler combined with a solar panel is the most robust, efficient, and economical way to heat domestic water.


Harvesting rainwater allows you to have free and naturally pure water – no hard water in your washing machine, drains, or hoses! There are some tricks that allow you to store and purify it so it is always ready to use in case of emergency or scarcity. Our system is very simple and robust, and does not require special maintenance.


Phytoremediation, through the use of plants and gravels, can produce odorless, colorless water from the sewage of a home or office. This water, if treated wisely, can be reused in a closed loop of toilets operating at 60% of normal consumption,reducing the waste of drinking and irrigation water. Our patent, ELIO2, associated with the Off Grid Box, is optimally integratedwith phytoremediation systems to sterilize phyto-purified water.


Our decades of experience in hydrogen production and distribution systems (including the world’s first underground urban pipeline, located in San Zeno, Arezzo) and Exergy’s patented hydrogen cooker have enabled us to propose a unit that self-produces pure hydrogen gas to replace the gas used in the kitchens of homes and businesses. The hydrogen produced may also be used in small fuel-cell backups for electrical systems with exhaust of pure water vapor. We are alone in this field internationally, put us to the test.


Pellets are a highly versatile and environmentally friendly fuel obtained by compressing sawdust. Pellet boilers grant considerable savings, and when combined with a solar thermal installation, can completely meet the heating and cooling needs of a home or business, in summer or winter, saving money without polluting.


A pellet boiler’s economic yield is maximized if it can also accept logs of firewood. Through the Off Grid Box, we specialize in the integration of pellets equipped with remote controlled ignition with wood and solar thermal systems.


The term “biomass” refers not only to pellets and wood, but also those wastes that fall into the category of “chopped fuel”, such as woodchips or leftover shavings from lumber mills. Using biomass is extremely convenient and cheap, which is why we offer boilerstailor-made for this purpose with special burners and supply systems that utilize a reservoir and augers

Heat Pumps

If you want a fully electric solution to your hot water and heating needs, you can take advantage of the high output and automation of heat pumps. When linked to solar thermal systems, they can also produce air conditioning in the summer. Being electric powered, they can be attached to a medium sized photovoltaic system (10kW) for full autonomy. We are specialists in this regard.


We harness wind on only a small scale. A small turbine resembling an airplane propeller mounted in a windy area can provide up to 10kW of electricity. It is often assumed that wind is always present, but this is not true. We have several anemometers arranged to test over the course of at least six months for the actual presence of wind. There are many forms of turbine that utilize different technologies. We prefer those which are strong, light, and easy to assemble.

Electricity Storage

Using renewable energy sources is simple, efficient, and ethical, but it has the issue of discontinuity. If we want electricity at night or when the wind isn’t blowing without resorting to the conventional electric grid, we must utilize a storage system. There is much debate surrounding the most effective way to do this, but for us, the strength requirements, cost-efficiency, and lack of maintenance are essential. We have developed solutions for every need, in your home or at the office, in Italy or South Africa, in the United States or the Philippines.